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Hey people...

Raise your hand if you hear far to often that MD5 is encryption (and you are really sick of it)

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systemd service sandboxing and security hardening 101:

– systemd is used as the default init system of many Linux distributions.
– This guide uses systemd-analyze.

#systemd #systemdanalyze #hardening #infosec #security #cybersecurity

When you work in information security. A new project approached me and I raised some basic questions for a first overview. I asked where the application will be hosted... the answer was quite surprising

As an excuse: the answer has been provided by the business side and not IT

People in turkey and bulgaria hang their jackets on trees during winter for homeless or poor people , a small gesture can make someones happiness...

#2234 "How To Deliver Christmas Presents" 

Data leak that affects 1.2 billion people:

– Many data sets contain lots of personal data.
– Sources of the leak are likely People Data Labs, and OxyData, so-called data enrichment companies.
– Data was hosted on an unprotected Elasticsearch server, accessible by everyone.

#dataleak #leak #privacy #peopledatalabs #oxydata #elasticsearch

This moment when you are still in the office and want to check if the vacuum robot succeeded hoovering the flat and then wonder how this small thing managed a breakthrough to the neighbor house

People using single letter variable names be like:
Because f u thats y

They can point to the law and tell us this is legal. They can point to the world and say everything is okay.

I disagree.

Habe mich heute Mittag mit nem Kollegen ca 5 Minuten lang darüber unterhalten, wie man Luftfeuchtigkeit im Raum messen und mit Philips Hue visualisieren könnte.

Zwei Stunden später hat er auf dem Handy in der Amazon App fast ausschließlich Werbung / Angebote für Luftentfeuchter. Wir können Umwege über Websuchen etc ausschließen. Das war vorher bei uns beiden nie ein Thema. Aktuell deutet also alles darauf hin, dass wir von einem / seinem Smartphone belauscht und user Gespräch analysiert wurde.

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