When you work in information security. A new project approached me and I raised some basic questions for a first overview. I asked where the application will be hosted... the answer was quite surprising

As an excuse: the answer has been provided by the business side and not IT

This moment when you are still in the office and want to check if the vacuum robot succeeded hoovering the flat and then wonder how this small thing managed a breakthrough to the neighbor house

Hey people...

Raise your hand if you hear far to often that MD5 is encryption (and you are really sick of it)

It's always a good idea to store user passwords hashed... Waitwhat?

has blocked nearly 1200 hosts who try to get search results from my instance as JSON (only bots do this).

No wonder Google is sending a captcha...

So if you run a Searx instance protect it with fail2ban so it is usable for people who take care about privacy... and not those damn bots doing search engine manipulation.


I had a meeting some time ago in which a colleague was complaining "you security guys are always saying NO".
I replied to her that we do not provide a straight no and that there always some slight distinctions in every no - its like the 50 shades of no.

So I made this 50 shades of no sheet and put it next to my desk.


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