This video is a brilliant analysis of fascism. Not the stereotypes but the real essence of the ideology, how it works. An important lesson in the era of Trump, AfD and various other extreme right movements. (via

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Ich sehe keinen Sinn darin, produktiv genutzte Systeme (mit Internetanbindung) in Docker zu packen, da die meisten Sachen in Docker mit ruth laufen (es mag Ausnahmen geben).

Für DevOps zum testen mag das was taugen, für PROD meiner Meinung nach überhaupt nicht.

Ich würde ja gerne nach einer Beförderung in den Vorstand fragen, aber ich fürchte, dass ich in meinem aktuellen Job zu kompetent bin :-(

Linux now represents 100 percent of the supercomputer market, 90 percent of the cloud, 82 percent of the smartphone market and 62 percent of the embedded systems market.

Does anybody know what happens to ?

The website is reachable but Gitlab and Mastodon are gone... 🤔

The hardest part of using PGP, key management, doesn't scale well in large organizations. We solved this problem at First Look Media (where there are over 200 PGP users) with GPG Sync. We maintain a keylist, and everyone subscribes to it, so everyone has the latest public key for everyone else.

I'm excited to announce that we've submitted a draft RFC that will turn GPG Sync into an internet standard!

Check this out:

Hey people...

Raise your hand if you hear far to often that MD5 is encryption (and you are really sick of it)

My #mastodonadmins friends: I think the wave of spammers is going to get worse, and I think it goes a lot further than just spam. Basically, I think Russia is going to try to use us the same way they used Twitter and Facebook in the 2016 elections. We can't let that happen.

I wrote a little about this at which includes something you can do on your own instance today to help.

If you use Ondřej Surýs PPA for Apache and the loadbalancer proxy modules don't upgrade as there are undefined symbols in (at least in the Trusty repo)

This killed my Diapora pod


"Delivering the Pen Test Report"

(can't find a good source, lmk if you know so I can credit)

When you arrive in the office in the morning and there is cake and everybody is asking "Did somebody forgot to lock his computer or is it somebody's birthday?"


You think of private or business use?

We (regulated german financial services) see Azure very more willing to comply with our requirements then AWS (Azure offers e.g. a compliance portal where you can read all the audit reports and is much more transparent in security and compliance).
AWS has very much of a "love it or leave it" attitude which does not go very well with regulated companies.


Weihnachten kommt immer so überraschend, da muss man vorbereitet sein!

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