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In diesem Internet gibt es Videos? Krasse Nummer, muss ich mir mal ansehen

Largest black hole ever observed. 40 billion times the size of our Sun, which itself is one million times the size of Earth, which is about twice the size of yo mama. 🌎☀️⚫️

#BOFH excuse #292:

We ran out of dial tone and we're and waiting for the phone company to deliver another bottle.

Fediverse Conf - Feneas forum

Would you like to see a #Fediverse #conference happen in #Barcelone in 2020? Come in and throw in some ideas!

== utility script evolution == 

First working version: 1 stupidly long one-liner

First legible version: ~6 lines

Plus minimal error handling: ~40 lines

Plus configuration hooks: ~75 lines

Plus shellcheck overrides: ~77 lines

Plus documentary code comments: ~1KB

Plus invocation documentation (-?/-h/--help): 2.5KB

Plus ~4KB

Plus ~6KB

Version control system that preserves this evolution and lets me use commit messages to explain the logic of each step: priceless

#BOFH excuse #452:

Somebody ran the operating system through a spelling checker.

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