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#BOFH excuse #292:

We ran out of dial tone and we're and waiting for the phone company to deliver another bottle.

Fediverse Conf - Feneas forum

Would you like to see a #Fediverse #conference happen in #Barcelone in 2020? Come in and throw in some ideas!

== utility script evolution == 

First working version: 1 stupidly long one-liner

First legible version: ~6 lines

Plus minimal error handling: ~40 lines

Plus configuration hooks: ~75 lines

Plus shellcheck overrides: ~77 lines

Plus documentary code comments: ~1KB

Plus invocation documentation (-?/-h/--help): 2.5KB

Plus ~4KB

Plus ~6KB

Version control system that preserves this evolution and lets me use commit messages to explain the logic of each step: priceless

#BOFH excuse #452:

Somebody ran the operating system through a spelling checker.

#BOFH excuse #385:

Dyslexics retyping hosts file on servers

#BOFH excuse #398:

Data for intranet got routed through the extranet and landed on the internet.

#BOFH excuse #152:

My pony-tail hit the on/off switch on the power strip.

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